About Us

KRW Finance

KRW Limited trades with the trading name KRW Finance. KRW Limited is a closely held company formed in October 2000 and we have been providing a variety of financial services and financial education since then. Our company today is still owned by the original founding shareholders and directors.

KRW Finance is easy to deal with and KRW Finance offers very practical down-to-earth advice that is easy to understand.

We are very approachable and easy to work with while maintaining high professional standards, quality work, and transparency; all questions are answered to customers’ full satisfaction and full disclosures are given.

Our policy is for customers to have no surprises; you will know if there may be any charges and agree to them ahead of time. As a customer you will understand the service process and know your rights to the multiple complaint processes right from the start; your interests are at the heart of what we do.

Home Mortgages and Commercial & Business Finance Markets

In both markets where we meet the needs of the private home owners and the business owners, we have unique services and selling propositions.

For mortgage seekers we offer a customised, professional service to inform you of your borrowing ability and find you the best funding choices. Beyond this, we offer the extra service to search for and identify suitable properties that meet your unique needs. This allows us to introduce you to newly listed homes or investment buying opportunities you want to see, keeping you informed.

For business owners we go further than collecting the basic information needed to prepare a basic business loan application. We look into the business history, financial position including changes to the financial position over time, we analyse business profitability in terms of both profit sources and opportunities for profit growth, and we review the whole business’ capital structure. From this we can usually offer you as business owners a wider view of your funding choices, often with opportunities for enhanced profits for you to consider.

Rob Wilkinson

Mortgage Advisor
Mobile. 027 4916 977

Want someone who has been there? Understands? And has the expertise to help you find the funding support you need? Since 1987 I have been deeply involved in professional accounting services, financial services, business development analysis, and close support for business owners.


Whether you are looking to finance your home, buy or build an investment property, set-up a new business, or re-capitalise your existing business, I can offer practical advice based on professional analysis of your needs and a sound career base of more than 30 years’ experience. Qualified with studies including economics and accounting and an Executive MBA – I offer the professional knowledge, tempered with experience ranging from corporate finance management to small business mentoring to capital restructuring and home & investment property funding.

Experience, knowledge, a great professional team and affiliated to strong and competitive funding organisations, I discuss your needs with you and offer the broadest advice and best tailored loans for your particular situation.

Best of all, the majority of clients have no out-of-pocket expenses as lending organisations compensate advisors for bringing them good lending opportunities.

Working with me is a win-win for the first home buyer to the owners of mature businesses.